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  • What is ILEA?
    ILEA stands for the International Live Events Association. ILEA is the principal community representing creative event professionals, globally.
  • If I join the NCC Chapter am I also a member of the International Chapter?
    Yes! Your membership allows you access to ILEA international events and programs. We encourage you to be active in the community!
  • Is there time to network during a virtual event?
    Engage with other attendees of the event by using the live chat and taking deeper conversations offline.
  • I'm a student, do you have a discount?
    Yes! Students receive a significant discount to our educational and signature events. Check the specific event pages for more information on pricing. Additionally, we offer student member pricing for $50.
  • Can I attend an event without being a member?
    Yes! We welcome all guests and want you to invite friends! Attend any ILEA event by registering as a non-member, and see all of our amazing educational and signature events. We're excited to meet you and encourage you to try ILEA out. However, you will get the most out of ILEA if you join and become involved in the chapter. We welcome everyone and want everyone to feel as though they can attend our events. If you're worried about the financial aspect of joining an event, please reach out, we're happy to work with you to find a solution so you can join us!
  • I want to sponsor an event, do I get a free ticket to the event?
    Thank you for your support! With your sponsorship, you will also receive a certain number of comped ticket(s). Tickets are required for anyone attending the event. Staff working during the event do not require a purchased or registered ticket. To learn more about event sponsorship, visit our Get Involved page.
  • How do I join ILEA?
    The easiest and fastest way to join ILEA is online here. Your membership will be immediately activated and will be valid for 12 months.
  • When and where are the chapter meetings and events held?
    Chapter meetings are held throughout various unique venues throughout the Bay Area, and occasionally online. Sign up to our newsletter and view our event calendar for the latest happenings! Do you have a venue that would be perfect for hosting an event? To learn more about event sponsorship, visit our Get Involved page.
  • Does ILEA offer any type of certification?
    ILEA offers Certified Special Event Professional designation. For more details visit
  • I am a member, how do I make changes to my member record?
    Log in to your account to make changes to your member record. Reach out to for more assistance.
  • How do I get the most out of membership?
    There are so many ways to be involved! Join one of our many committees, sponsor/speak at an event, and meet your industry peers by attending our events. To learn more about getting involved, visit our GET INVOLVED page with more information on the many ways!
  • How do I stay in the know?
    Sign up for our chapter e-newsletter as well as the international newsletter, Backstage Chatter. Be sure to also follow us on all of our social media channels. To learn more about staying connected, visit our CONTACT page.
  • What is the SEARCH Foundation?
    Founded in 1997, the SEARCH Foundation supports special event industry professionals in times of crisis through fundraising, volunteer services and donations. To learn more about the foundation, click here.
  • I have a venue I’d like to open up for an event. How do I make that happen?
    We would love to host an event at your venue! Please see our GET INVOLVED page for more information, or email with any questions!
  • I have a product or service that I’d like to showcase at an event. How do I make that happen?
    We would love to have you showcase your talent! For more information visit our GET INVOLVED page, or email with any questions!
  • Can I volunteer for an event and receive a discounted ticket?
    Yes, for our signature events, we always look for volunteers to help us on the day of the event. If you volunteer for a specific amount of time, we like to extend a free ticket to enjoy the event. Also, ILEA members get the benefit of being on a volunteer committee for signature events and year-round programming. To learn more about getting involved, visit our GETTING INVOLVED page. For information about becoming a member, visit the MEMBERSHIP page.
  • I’d like someone to come speak at my school/program about the event industry.
    We love connecting with students and future event professionals. For questions and to discuss further, email us at
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