About ILEA Northern California Chapter


What is ILEA Northern California Chapter (NCC)?
ILEA stands for International Live Events Association, and we are one chapter in the Western region, who functions as part of ILEA International.

ILEA-NCC is a community of Northern California event professionals who come together to network, build relationships and essentially help each other's businesses grow. Our members come from a variety of event industry backgrounds including special event producers and planners, caterers, designers, florists, destination management companies, rental companies, tent suppliers, educators, entertainment companies and many more. It is the perfect organization to join if you are currently a creative events professional or you are excited to learn more about the industry!

Chapter Mission Statement
We are the leading live events association with a vibrant chapter focused on building meaningful relationships through networking, inspiring education and professional development opportunities. 

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be a collaborative resource and the largest, most influential voice in the Northern California Live Events community. 

DEI Statement

For ILEA-NCC diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are - an inclusive global community dedicated to personal and business development, inspiring all professionals engaged in live events to elevate their contribution to the industry. our commitment to these values is unwavering. These values are a mission-critical piece of our culture. We know that having varied perspectives generates better ideas to solve complex problems and that without diversity, equity, and inclusion, it would be impossible for our industry to do its best work. 

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Message from the President - Ame Hernandez


Hello everyone and welcome to the 2021-2022 ILEA Year! My name is Ame Hernandez. I am an event planner. I am a business owner. I am a Filipina woman. I am a person of color. I am a first-time mama to be… and I am the President of ILEA Northern California. 


At the start of the year, the Board met to set some goals for the upcoming year. At that retreat, I asked them what they would also like to radiate this year. These are the words that they mentioned:


Positivity. Sense of belonging. Empowerment. Kindness. Support. Appreciation. Energy. Friendship. Strength. Passion. Inclusion.


This is your Board. Out of all the words they could’ve chosen, these are the words they chose to exude this year and this makes me genuinely excited to work alongside all of them. 


There is no doubt that this past year and some months have been CRAY CRAY. We have been through some live event darkness… and many of us have found a light in the darkness through exploring new talents and skills, taking care of our mental health, and finding time for ourselves. 


And though we are finding our way out of that “event darkness” now with live events coming back, there are still industry colleagues who may be struggling to find a job, to rebuild their team or get their business back to how it was pre-pandemic. This is where I invite you to Be. The. Light., which is the theme I have chosen this year. 


We can all help each other through kindness, understanding, positivity, and support. We can be the light for our colleague, a stranger in the event industry that we don’t know yet, and even ourselves if we choose to shine our light. 


How you decide to be the light is up to you. 


Your Board chose their words for a reason. We are here to support your creativity, help you build relationships, and inspire you to radiate the light within you.


So, I invite you to join us and ask yourself these questions for the year:

How can I illuminate my passion within ILEA and the events industry?

Who will I lend a helping hand to?

What do I want to radiate?


By answering these questions, I hope that it helps you to Be The Light and Shine this year. Illuminate the room. Ignite your passion for events. Radiate your authentic self. Do your thang to SHINE and sparkle!

We are looking forward to a really amazing year and I hope to see all of you at our programs and mixers! If you have any questions at all, the wonderful Board and I are here for you! Please come to us, we would love to meet you, get to know you and invite you to be involved with our ILEA family. Thank you all!

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